LoveMyPlanet Fair-Hunt prizes & gift

The MagicWinter Harambee Fair
MagicWinter Harambee Fair & Hunt
Starting February 5th:
The LoveMyPlanet Fair
is free-theme
and inspired by everything related to respect for the environment and animals, love, ecology, rebirth, colors and freedom. Numerous designer-exhibitors offer original creations, fashion and Home & Garden products. Some items for sale go to the IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi Kenya schools fund-raiser (non-profit association).
Garden Art’s installations by Ciottolina Xue

Start PointClub for Live Events
➜ Hunt: look for
the Red cloth heart (3 L$). 

➜ Partner-event: Finderskeepershunts
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Designers LIST Hunt Hints: Look for the Red cloth heart !!!
Here you can discover the offers of our Designers : all Photos and video soon
Absinthe, Art & Angels by Ascarion Cyrus Hawkmoon (ascarion Resident)
AM - Designs by Tunja Beck ☆ Asia Fashion by ᾋsια Atolia

Baby Bug's Boutique by Nio123
Bearsfoot Beaches by Tropical Bearsfoot
Blasphemic by Kalabrie Allstar

Christmas Delights by Joell Jurgis

Diamante Nero by Diamantea
DiMi'S by DiMiStore
Dоℓсе Сℓео by Cleopatra888E

Emerald Couture by JieJie Emerald
Ellen's Stuff  by Ellen Sideways
Ever Green by Lunar Tripsa

Finderskeepershunts & Wiccan Wears by CajunTease

Grumble by Allie Munro
Gundam Park by Rubin Mayo
H - K
Kastle Rock C. & Mirage Treasure C. by Spooky Mistwallow
Kinderstrudle by Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina
Kim's Kreations by Kim (kimberleyalice1961 Resident
J - I
Jelly Photo Shop by EvieRuby1993
[inSanity] by GoorGoor
Lamu Style by Lamu Freidman 
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes by Lindy (Delinda Abbot)
MadCatCreations Boutique by Madcatclaudia Restless
Maddy & Sol by Magda Schmidtzau & Solkide Auer
[Milla Rasmuson Makeup] by Milla Rasmuson
Myth, Mystery & Magic by Morrigan Ethaniel
{RP} Reina Photography  by Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina
Renoir Vangogh Rembranch by Renoir Adder - artist

Sassy Brats by ShaylaLilliana Resident
Sherbert by Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina
Splintered Creations  by Sinclaire Worthington
Starshine Design by  KittyStarshine
Sweet Hearts by Jingie
☆ SweetLips
by Sweetlips Wahrhaftig 

VitaVita Textures Full Perm by Vitavita resident
Wiccan Wears & Finderskeepershunts by CajunTease

IKSDP Harambee
Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop by Loredana LoringHarambee Gwassi-Kenya Full Perm by Loredana Loring
Harambee Save the Koalas WWF by Loredana Loring & GoorGoor
L&L for Harambee by Lotrec Oh - GD for Harambee by Gaiax Destiny Impostazioni pagina Opzioni

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