Flower's time hunt hint pic

Flower's time hunt [May 1st - 31st]

album FTH Prizes
✿ 43 designers, 20 Sponsors have the first stops in our hunts and featured spaces on our web page (fees to fundraiser for the IKSDP-Harambee project)
✿ Theme is free and focused on colors, fantasy and fairy tales, friendship and brotherhood, labor and mother's day, love and freedom.
✿ Search the Daisy flower (L$ 3), thanks to Sherbert for this wonderful item!
Start location Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
✿ Promoted by: GridAffair.com by Juana Villiers, Huntsl.com by MargeKinson, SLhunts.wordpress.com by AleiaSerenity, Laptrinhx, TeleportHub.com, Seraphimsl.com

Ⓢ Start Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop hint: Tree Stump to clear cache!

Sour Pickles hint: Check the hint giver
{RP} Reina Photography hint: This prize is somewhere between an owl and a firetruck
Sherbert hint: Step outside and make a wish!
Wiccan Wears hint: YES! GACHAS!
DiamanteNero hint: Search in the green grass ... where fairies play
The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. hint: Oh flowers, thy beauty brings me pleasantry. Let me sit and admire you.
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes hint: Fiona's flowers follow friends frolicking!
Myth, Mystery & Magic hint: Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE in the shoppe.
Little Mysteries hint: Find the fairy ... look in the flowers :)
Splintered Creations hint:  I Love Flowers
Absinthe, Art & Angels hint: There's a flower on the Tower!
Emerald Couture hint: skip for now (Smell those Marigolds)
Timeless Textures hint: I'm a real fan of Gothic architecture.
Bearsfoot Beaches at the Cookie Jar hint: Showers bring May Flowers
Kim's Kreations hint: I was not feeling good but I feel very well now.
Meander hint: Take a cool dive....
United InshCon hint: Wear Hillbilly Clothes
L&L for Harambee hint: Popcorn Machine with giver
GD for Harambee hint: Rolled rugs!
*Starshine Design* hint: I hide by the Love Flowers
Caramba hint: Look for a colorful flowerpot
Ever Green hint: Stop and smell the roses while having a drink
Grumble hint: I am a dreamer!
Epicine  hint: soon
Day of the Dead (Ellen's Stuff) hint: Kitty is wearing a daisy
AM - Designs hint: If you look closely, you'll find me at the spring market ;)
MadCatCreations Boutique hints: 1) woman - pot of flowers 2) men - flower pot

 Baby Bug's Boutique hint: Up up up, Check the stairs.

The Jellytot Photo Shop hint: Inside near the counter you may find a flowery surprise
Nefeli's Gestures hint: Animals (no photo)
Sassi Brats hint: I just love flowers!

Delightful Creations hint: the sparking crystal is so bright!
.Princess Stuff. hint: On "Everyday" you should get a new Flower!
Cwtch hint: This new hunt prize is hiding with the old hunt prizes.
OMG! Inc. / Get Jiggy hint: soon
Kinderstrudle hint: A big green box on floor two has this prize waiting for you!
Applique` Chic hint: Have you seen what is New
KingbalStores hint: I'm near here, behind The Weekly Limited sign
.:Glint:. hint: Come get me before the wolf eats me up.
Cherry Rain Florals hint: You might get the munchies when you find me.
ViTaViTa Textures FP hint: Cage with tulips
Silken Soul Design hint: Find Me Among The Artwork

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