Harambee Fair & Events

Dragon Hunt [sept 1st-31th]

Dragon Hunt[September 1st-30th]

World Wide Tourists Hunt
(August 5th/September 13th)

➜ Current Hunts in 'Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop': See the Blog
Prizes Gallery of month

➜ Most of the carts are reserved for Harambee Hunts designers.
➜ Would you like a space? Application (deadline: September 30, 2020)
Starting Point ➜ Club for Live Events
➜ The Happy Fall Charity Fair is free-theme or inspired by everything related to autumn, fantasy, diversity, elves, goblins and wizards.
A great get together of gifted designers, showing Fashion, Home and Garden products and items Full Perm. Some items for sale go to the IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi Kenya schools fund-raiser (non-profit association). Garden Art’s installations by Ciottolina Xue. Designers List, soon!
➜ Many gifts and an amazing hunt: look for the pumpkins with lights (3 L$).
➜ Partner-event: Finderskeepershunts
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Woodland Hunt [October 1st-31st]

★ Application ★ 35 designers, 18 Sponsors which have the first hunting Stops and space on our website (fees to fundraiser for the IKSDP-Hara...