Freedom Summer Fair hunt prizes & gift

The Freedom of Summer Fair & Hunt
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The Freedom of Summer Fair [June 13- July 31 2021] is free-theme or inspired by Summer, rebirthing, flowers, solidarity, help, sun, fantasy, unicorns... and everything that the imagination inspires!
Numerous designers offer original creations, fashion, Home & Garden and Full Perm. Some items are sold for supporting the IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi Kenya schools (non-profit association).
🌞 Look for the Happy Sunshine Plushie for 3L$ (thanks to Sherbert for this wonderful item)
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🌞 Myth, Mystery & Magic 🌞 Finderskeepershunts
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Designers LIST
Look for the Happy Sunshine Plushie for 3L$ (thanks to Sherbert for this wonderful item) near each booth - Flickr Gallery: gifts and hunt items.
⛱️ Absinthe, Art & Angels by Ascarion Cyrus Hawkmoon (ascarion Resident)
free gift
⛱️ AM - Designs by Tunja Beck
sale for harambee project
⛱️ Asia Fashion by αΎ‹sΞΉΞ± Atolia
free gift

⛱️ Baby Bug's Boutique by Nio123

free gift
⛱️ Bearsfoot Beaches by Tropical Bearsfoot
⛱️ Bumble Bee Boutique by LittleIslaActor
⛱️ Ciottolina Xue: Garden Art’s installations
⛱️ C.Y FASHION by Cuorenero Yuitza
free gift
⛱️ Day of the Dead-Ellen's Stuff by Ellen Sideways
⛱️ Delightful Creations by Joelle Jurgis
⛱️ Desy Magic photographer
⛱️ DiamanteNero by Diamantea
free gift
⛱️ Dismal Peacock by: Babs Helendale
free gift

⛱️ Emerald Couture by JieJie Emerald
⛱️ Epicine by Taki Kujisawa

⛱️ Ever Green by Lunar Tripsa
⛱️ Finderskeepers hunts & Wiccan Wears by CajunTease

⛱️ Grumble by Allie Munro

free gift
⛱️ Gundam Park by Rubin Mayo
free gift
πŸ’— IKSDP-Harambee AssociatesπŸ’—
⛱️ Harambee Hunts by Loredana Loring
⛱️ Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop by Loredana Loring

⛱️ Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Full Perm by Loredana Loring

free gift
⛱️ L&L for Harambee by Lotrec Oh
free gift

⛱️ GD for Harambee by Gaiax Destiny
free gift
⛱️ Harambee Save the Koalas WWF by Loredana Loring & [in] Sanity & Save the Koalas by GoorGoor
⛱️ Jelly Photo Shop by EvieRuby1994
free gift
⛱️ Kastle Rock C. & Mirage Treasure C. by Spooky Mistwallow
⛱️ Kinderstrudle by Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina

free gift
⛱️ Kim's Kreations by Kim (kimberleyalice1961 Resident)
free gifts

⛱️ Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes by Lindy (Delinda Abbot)
⛱️ Little Mysteries by Aerie Rose Atlas (Eirene0Iuturna)
⛱️ Little Wonderland by Astridmoongazer

⛱️ MadCatCreations Boutique by Madcatclaudia Restless

⛱️ Maddy & Sol by Magda Schmidtzau & Solkide Auer
⛱️ Myth, Mystery & Magic by Morrigan Ethaniel
⛱️ {RP} Reina Photography by Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina
free gift
⛱️ Sherbert by Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina
free gift
⛱️ Splintered Creations  by Sinclaire Worthington
free gift
free gift
⛱️ Starshine Design by  KittyStarshine
free gift
⛱️ Sweet Hearts by Jingie
⛱️ SweetLips by Sweetlips Wahrhaftig
⛱️ VitaVita Textures Full Perm by Vitavita resident

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