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Funny Caterpillar Hunt [June 1st / 30th]

album FTH Prizes
✿ 50 designers, 20 Sponsors have the first stops in our hunts and featured spaces on our web page (fees to fundraiser for the IKSDP-Harambee project)
✿ Theme is everything that grows in the sun, summer, energy, warm colors, Fantasy, fairytale, wild nature!
✿ Search the Caterpillar plushie (L$ 3), thanks to Sherbert for this wonderful item!
Start location Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
✿ Promoted by: by Juana Villiers, by MargeKinson, by AleiaSerenity, Laptrinhx,

Ⓢ Start Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop hint: Following the 'Seasonal Fair & hunt' road

Sour Pickles hint: Skip for now
{RP} Reina Photography hint: Stopping for a spot of tea near the NEW RELEASES!
Sherbert hint: Blast Off!!
Wiccan Wears hint: Let's pitch a tent
DiamanteNero hint: "follow the gurgling of the water ... and among the rocks, at the foot of the amphorae, you will find the caterpillar"
The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. hint: No little dude! Don't eat my plants!
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes hint: Summertime! And the beaches are Sandye
Myth, Mystery & Magic hint: No better place for a caterpillar to hide than with the LANDSCAPE.
Little Mysteries hint: I think the group join kitty was mean to the caterpillar, and scared him away :(
Splintered Creations hint: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Absinthe, Art & Angels hint: Balancing on ancient bones...
Emerald Couture hint: What is the on my screen?? EEEK!!
Story Teller hint: The little pillar is hiding near the plant.
L&L for Harambee hint: Popcorn Machine!
GD for Harambee hint: Lilac lavender Basket
Timeless Textures hint: That movie was so twisted it made be question the very FABRIC of reality!
Bearsfoot Beaches at the Cookie Jar hint: This little caterpillar is admiring her relatives and hoping to grow up as beautiful as they are.
Kim's Kreations hint: I was not feeling good but I feel very well now
Meander hint: Norma Shearer - Hollywood Star
United InshCon hint: its round...wet and murky
Ⓢ Sacred Cauldron Magickal Store hint: You can find me where the sun don't shine

*Starshine Design* hint: You can find me on the shelf near the reception

Caramba hint: i feel like sleeping
Ever Green hint: I’m something that smells cheesy, but I’m not a pair of socks
Grumble hint: I want to be a SHOWGIRL!

Epicine hint: You may find her scary, but he loves to listen to her play.

Day of the Dead (Ellen's Stuff) hint: I like to snuggle with cats

AM - Designs hint: look out for me in the fantasy garden ;-)
MadCatCreations Boutique hints (men and woman): I see water!!
Baby Bug's Boutique hint: Where the group gifts live!
Nefeli's Gestures hint: (no photo) Join group
Sassi Brats hint: I just love to win things, dont you?
Delightful Creations hint: Mmmm...This perfume smells like flowers!
Cwtch Shop hint: It's getting hot out here, I need to get out of the sun
Alula's Galaxy Treasures hint: Find me Among The Trees
SW Design hint: I love magical Octopus tricks
Blackheart Kids hint: Check out here
Illustrious hint: I see many characters that mr. pool?
SaCaYa - STORE hint: Its always good to look at the special sales/promos *smile*
SLW Design hint: Hey look, what a nice blossom!

The Jellytot Photo Shop hint: Skip for now
ViTaViTa Textures FP hint: Search the stairs SKIP (no prize)

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