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Start: Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop HINT: Near the JOIN GROUP sign!
VitaVita Textures Full Perm Store HINT: I'm rest in My Wooden Crate!
The Artist Shed HINT:  Look at the pretty spring blossoms!
{RP} Reina Photography HINT: this KID loves her little blue butterfly
Sherbert HINT: Sit down and have a snack with a bunny and a kitty!
Zoobatos HINT: Behind the Door
Emerald Couture HINT: Emerald Couture Visitors
Wiccan Wears HINTS: My boyfriend said I could not wear his shirt. I showed him!
KingbalStores HINT: Near the Group gift and the Lucky Chair!
G!A HINT: A tilted S here and a tilted E there; find me under the sky lights.
Creations  HINT: You may find me hiding out with a cousin.
GD for Harambee HINT: Under the Magic Crystals
Grumble HINT: You are such a PRINCESS!
Sassy Brats HINT: I love a sale!
MISS JEWELL HINT: A world in a catalogue! 
Splintered Creations HINT: SPIRIT of Spring
Stitches Creations: SKIP
Nefeli's Gestures HINT: Music Time
Dragon Magick Wares HINT: Look around the corner...
BeanSprout HINT: gifts gifts and more gifties
Atlantis Design HINT: Spring Whispers
Ellen's Stuff - Day of the Dean HINT: easier to see when you leave the store
Delightful Creations HINT: Find the floating elephants
Starshine Design HINT: If you find the rotate hologram heart, then you'll find me too
Sour Pickles HINT: Check the hint giver
Sweet Evil HINT: Have a seat, get comfy!

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