Fairy forest Hunt Hint/Pic

album FFH Prizes

✨ 40 designers, 20 Sponsors (first stops in our hunts and spaces on web page) fees to fundraiser for the IKSDP-Harambee project)
✨ Free themed with a focus on the magic, romantic, fantasy, discover, forest, autumn, elves, goblins, wizards. Feel free to create!
Start location Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
✨ Search the Mushrooms! (L$ 3) Thanks to Sherbert for this nice item.
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PARTICIPATING SPONSORS & STORES: (definitive from October 1st)
Ⓢ Start Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop hint: Looking for the Seasonal Fair & hunt road!
Silver Oak Hollow - Magick Shop hint: Look for the mushroom on the shop counter

Little Mysteries - Mainstore hint: find the plushie machine, look right on top
Sour Pickles hint: Check the hint giver
{RP} Reina Photography hint: Skip for now
Sherbert hint: Skip for now
Wiccan Wears hint: One Step at a time
The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. hint: Mushrooms grow in dark places, under dark things.
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes hint: Did Fara the fairy get lost in the forest?
Splintered Creations hint: Hay, I'm the only one like me over here.  The others are tall and green.
Absinthe, Art & Angels hint: Mmm... poisonous mushrooms for yummy tea... heheheheeeeeeeee!!!Ⓢ Emerald Couture hint: Skip for now
L&L for Harambee hint: Popcorn Machine!
GD for Harambee hint: Red Basket with Poppy
Timeless Textures hint: These witch's familiars are sleeping on the job!
Bearsfoot Beaches hint: A forest is full of Critters
Kim's Kreations hint: Skip for now
United InshCon Hint Giver at the Landingpoint
SW Design by Sweetlips Wahrhaftig hint: A waterfall is very refreshing
Pendragon Designs hint: in front of the Fairy forest Hunt Kiosk sign
DiamanteNero hint: Tremble tremble the witches are back .... your gift can be found at the foot of their beautiful luminous skullcaps
*Starshine Design* hint: You can find me on the shelf near the reception my hint doesn't change, it is always the same for every hunt
Caramba hint: do not look far.....it is very near the sign
Ever Green hint: When life gives you ________?
Grumble hint: Go ask Alicia, she probably knows where to look.
Epicine hint:
I love rainbows
Day of the Dead (Ellen's Stuff) hint: Where mushrooms grow
AM - Designs hint: Look closely in the garden center ;-)

MadCatCreations Boutique hints: woman - leaves; men -  autumn for men
Nefeli's Gestures hint: I love cats (no photo)
Halloween Delights, Animesh, Decorations & Carnival hint: Hiding among the rugs
SLW Design hint: I found a perfect spot to hide - look near the Smiling Orchid Tree.
Telsiope's Couture hint: Light my halloween
Starlight Apparel hint: Someone Needs To Clean This Store Better!  There are Mushrooms Growing on the Stairs!

Bumble Bee Boutique hint: Lets Buzz away

Off the Wall hint: Usually it's pussycats that are asked what's new
Jellytot Photo Shop hint: Out the back theres a beautiful view, maybe theres also a surprise

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